Q5 Q5 Map Updates 2014


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Hi, I am also looking for some help on this. I am a bit of a novice on this so here goes. I wanted to update the Maps on my audi Q5 2014, I bought the 3 SD cards . 1. firmware. 2. Maps update. 3 activator. I then followed all the instructions to update the Firmware. then i uploaded the maps and then the activator. I didn't delete the old maps as no matter what I did I couldn't access the green menu.

the issue I have now is that the navigation system is stuck on " Navigation initialising " seems to load to about 45% on first start up then just sticks on this screen. I have drove car around for about an hour, still same. left it parked up, still same

Any help very very greatly appreciated as I now have one Peed off MRs who wanted to take it to Audi to get done :):)