Q7 Smell


Hi..can anyone tell me what might be wrong with my Q7..
i have it 3 mths and after about 7 wks a bad smell comes inside every now and then..
i have thought it might be catalitic converter ???
Or a dead animal/bird but that couldnt be the case as ts still there..:blownose:


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Hope its not someone wetting themselves...



Purchased Q7 from UK to get the Uk spec and commercialised it here to save on our poxy VRT tax(robbery)..
A saving of €35000 !!!,,
May send it back over as udi would rip me off here and give me ******** about warrranty ********


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no warranty bull needed. I'm pretty sure the Audi warranty is 2 years if its an import.

In fact, i think that audi warranty is 2 years everywhere now, extentable for free to 3 years if you get it dealer serviced according to its schedule.

In reality, you'll probably take it to the dealer and they'll be unable to re-create the problem because theres no DTC logged that says:

Component and/or Version: Interior sniffing sensor
Software Coding:
Work Shop Code: 2
Faults Found:
12345 - Internal Implausible Smell - Intermittent