Quick spin in an A1


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Hello from the 8P forum!

recently had my car at Birmingham Audi Approved for a quick look at a leaking coolant problem. as i went to collect i spotted a 60-reg A1 S-Line parked outside.

i asked my service advisor (Brett Turner, fantastic bloke for those living in the Birmingham area) who it belonged to and if i could take it for a spin. 20 seconds later the keys appear and i'm off.

it was a 1.4T S-tronic with THE WORKS. nav, BOSE, ambient lights and everything. the only thing it didn't have was steering paddles, which as far as i was aware were standard on DSGs across the range but hey-ho.

verdict: very nice little car! i was pleasantly surprised. it was MUCH more modern than my 8P (unsurprisingly), but it was also more modern than the B8 A4 1.8T S-Line they lent me as a courtesy car on this occasion.

nippy (but not as much as my 2.0T - probs the 75bhp less) and didn't handle as well (probs because of my coils) but having thought it would be terrible i was pleasantly surprised!

tbh i wouldn't own one because of the cost, but i wouldn't be upset if someone gave me one! for those of you on the order books, you've bought yourself a cracking (although somewhat expensive) little car. enjoy!

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l have one coming next month, for my daughter. l thought it was excellent, except not enough room for foot of the clutch. Coming with all the bells and whistles. Well its her 21st next year and shes needs it now. Remap to 160bhp, which she can pay for if she wants.


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took my a3 to bath audi today for a wheel bearing problem. i got an audi a1 1.4tfsi s-line as a courtesy car.


steering felt dead in my hands, any small bump and it would jump out of your hands like a tractor
exhaust noise was rather poor, no note whatsoever (this car has no character for the top engine which is rather shameful)
the accelerator was hanging from the dash like in my old punto, any journey over 50miles and your right leg is going to ache
the clutch was even worse, takes 1 meter for it to bite and by that time your knee is in your face
no mechanical refinement in the gearbox, lurches badly when you shift down or trundling in first gear
the biggest problem with it, it does not feel planted at high speed like my a3, wallows about on the motorway and during crosswinds
massive body roll even with s-line springs
need to be a bodybuilder to adjust the sun-visor and rear-view mirror
you don't feel cosseted sitting in the drivers seat. seats are shallow and flat. doesn't support your sides


liked the dash layout, felt modern. about the only thing i liked

conclusion; its a terrible car and i hated it so much. not any better to drive than my mums yaris, feels almost the same. so disappointed with this car