Random Coolant Loss 2.0tdi 140bhp


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Hey everyone

Recently my 57 plate avant has developed a few niggles. The major one concerning me at the moment is coolant loss. Every 2/3 weeks i'm having to fill up the coolant expansion tank due to the indicator on the dash telling me its low. I've had a poke around the engine and i cannot physically see where it could be leaking from! On cold start up it does not smoke nor does it smoke when pulling away. There is no real loss of power and the car runs to normal temp and the heating system works fine.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Am i looking at a duff expansion tank? thermostat? heater matrix? egr cooler? or water pump?


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Pressure test on the expansion bottle.


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Did a pressure test for over an hour, the gauge didn't really leak what so ever. I'm thinking this may be an EGR cooler failure? Would this throw up a code?