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one thing i've noticed about german cars is , they develop anoying little rattles from time to time.....normally something silly like a wire tapping somewhere or a loose tie....

my car (touch wood) does'nt rattle all that, even with the 19" and coilovers, but today, i got one.....nuts

seems to be comming from the dash/steering area.....ripped of the lower trim, and put felt tape on everything i could see.... still there...double nuts....

while trying to find the rattle, on my back in the drivers foot well, hit my elbow on the steering......hooraa the rattle,

discovered its the air bag wireing tapping the inside of the steering wheel...nice

sorted now till next time!


Shuddup Foooool!!
...its always them lucky finds eh!!

If you hadnt of banged your elbow you probably would have gone bald by the end of the week!!:yes: