Rear door light not working


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Rear passanger door light is not working and is not picked up by the DIS the interior light does not come on when this door is opened. Can someone suggest what the problem might be and what is needed to fix this..:icon_thumright:


Damn it where's 7th gear when you need it?!
Propably the door plunger switch. Have a look at the door near the hinges & you'll see a plunger switch, if it dosent do anything when you push it in & out a few times, try taking the switch out of the door & bridges the wires. If the lights still dont come on then its more than likely a wiring fault somewhere which would need vag-com or an automotive electrician to track down where the fault lies.


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Mine is doing the same thing, where is the microswith in the lock? is is hard to get out or is it a whole door out job?


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hello mate
i ended up haveing to change the complete lock easy to do but can be expensive if you cant get a salvage part?