recommended LED's for number plate lights?

First question is really what size should I be ordering? Is the measurement taken from the very tip to tip, in which case 36-37mm?

Secondly, I'm aware that these lights only really need to point in one direction and there's no reflector behind them, so are there particular LED's that people would recommend (the new Audi ones only have the LED's pointing in one direction.... but I think that's on A3's and I think they're built into the unit). Any particular model that I should be ordering... I don't think mine has the bulb-warning system*, so less of an issue.

*I thought they all has the bulb warning system, but I've had sidelights fail a few times, plus tail lights, plus one factory fitted HID (gulp! ££)... not all at once, over the last four years, but never never a blip/flash from the DIS!


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Chris, I've had mine in for the last 18 months and they've just started flickering. I've spoken to user T8ups from sponsors EMS tuning and I'm going to order the replacements from him. I've had good experiences with his bulbs in the past.
He did: INCLUDING first class recorded: £7 for two, £12 for four (I like to have spares).

Paid on Mon night, posted on Tues lunchtime, with me on Weds lunchtime, installed that evening.... Car is filthy, so no pics yet, but it is looking VERY sweet with the pressed plates and LED's.


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havent you b6 boys tried the OEM leds yet?


fitted the OEM to my mates A4 2002 and they work with no errors.