Remap Switch (On and Off)


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Hello everyone,

Im getting to the point now where the girlfriend drives my car sometimes, and is always asking.

Ive heard about a REVO remap switch which swaps the car from mappped back to standard.

However, I have an R-tech map.

And wanted to know if there was something out there that would work with me car?

I just want it to take it down to around 180bhp, so as the girlfriend isnt trusted with too much power.

If anyone can help me, please do :)

Many thanks, Ryan


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Which type of switch was he using? And what remap did he have? I don't know what switch to buy.. Or. Where from.


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Check out - they can sell you a box that stores multiple maps and only takes 10 minutes to swap between them. He can also alter maps via email so if you want a 'wife map' he can do one for you. Speak to Richard - top bloke!