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Ive always been an Awesome/APR customer with my previous 4 Golf's and all honesty Mark and the team have always been 'Awesome' to deal with. Ive been looking at remaps as im not loving the RS like i should. Dont get me wrong it a lovely car. Its great to drive, the wing backs and the bose system are a real treat and im even getting used to the colour now too. The engine sounds epic but it just lacks a bit of soul in comparison to the stage 2 + 6R. So I was looking at APR prices and theyre pretty eye watering. As per Mark is looking after me and ive managed to get a more attractive price. However, Ive heard a fair bit of people talking about Unicorn in Stockport being stood in high regard, with Rick being particularly good. Has anybody had the stage 1 map in either brand that could give me some info/opinions/feedback.



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Mine is running Stage 2+ APR, not for the faint hearted mate, the engine note with the sport button on is something to sit and savour, I was a Revo person before, had Stage 1 on a Golf R6 too, but bought this car already packed, the exact power figures are on the printout, hardware also already in place fuel pump, oil cooler, brakes ect.


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2+ is a lot more power than a stock rs3 8p, mine feels about 200wkw vs my s3 at 230wkw, but mods for mods will take the rs beyond ,

most brands stop at 400hp for safe limits until fuel and intercooler are done then its about 440 ,