What would you expect to pay for a mobile tune in the midlands?

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Hi guys n girls,

I am planning to start up doing mobile remapping in the midlands (i will stretch a bit further out where possible :))

Ill be using a reputable well known company to tune ori files for me.

Im just looking to see how many people in the midlands (and surrounding areas - within a 30 mile radius of B43) would be interested?

Im still considering cost, but bearing in mind these will not be generic maps but custom maps (coded by a reputable company). My initial thought is £200-300 for the majority cars that can be flashed via OBD2 (without having to remove ECU)

Feedback is needed





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I absolutely wouldnt buy a mobile tune, however, Upsolute offer deals from 280-300 pounds for one of their tunes.


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Ok thanks dave, anyone elses opinion?


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IMO it all depends on whose maps you're using. However If its a well known and reputable company I presume they will dictate what you can sell the remaps for. for instance if its revo maps I imagine they will insist you sell them for whatever their rrp is.

I presume all the reputable companies like revo etc dont allow 'mobile' remaps as I've never seen them offered anywhere,

And just for info I would not touch a remap by a company that I'd never heard of.


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I see, never thought about them dictating prices lol still to be negotiated i guess. And i will technically be in partnership with the company so to speak, and no its not REVO (already spoke in depth with them - they wont offer mobile companies because they prefer their products to be sold from a shop front - selling point apparently!)


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Yes that would be a great idea, but its not as simple as that. Most companies who do custom coding encrypt their mapped files - so you cant just nick it and stick it on someone elses car, because well basically it just wont work!

Generic mapped files (like the ones on offer on ebay) can be put onto any car and i guess they are ok except they wont take into consideration such things as modifications: exhausts, induction kits and so on.

Still looking extensively into what software/hardware to use at the moment but i will keep you all posted should anyone in the midlands be interested in trying me out :) (siding for optican/dimtech at the moment)



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Reputation is key in this field, Upsolute seems to be reasonably successful to date, and you really need to offer supreme after sales backup, since reputations in this day and age of computers and forums takes an age to build up and a second to land back down to earth with a thump!
I would only remap a car with a before and after rolling road test, just so I was sure everything was ok but thats just me.

as the cars become lower in value then I guess this sort of service is seen as less risky would never have a new car mobile tuned. An old run about maybee.


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you say custom maps, but they aren't really as you are only modding a generic map to suit mods on the car from past experience.

a proper custom map would be mapped on the fly, using a rolling road or even better doing it on the open road.

Reputation of the company backing you is key. I wouldn't want a fly by night mobile tuner tuning my £20k+ car regardless of the cost of the map. my engine goes bang then £200-£400 for a map is the last thing on my mind.

These days there seems to be too many people jumping on the wagon to make a quick buck. I have done some bmw and lancia chips in the past which were reasonably good, never had any issues with pinking or blown engines.

as stated above i would feel a lot happier if a tuner ran my car up on the rollers with a wideband O2 sensor and checked everything was ok, even better would be to run it on the road, rolling roads do not simulate driving conditions very well.

just my 2 pence. wish you all the luck.


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For the right price people will come to you outside your area.:yes: