Removed electronic dampers - dash light


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Hi All

2008 A4 B8 3.0tdi avant which came with the factory fitted electronic suspension, now replaced with a Bilstein B12 kit after 220k miles.
The dashboard light now shows a suspension fault, as expected, as the damper connectors are no longer connected.

Is there any easy workaround please? VAG COM, recoding etc? Turning off the beep etc


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Do you have Carista? If so, you can disable adaptive damping in there.


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I thought that Carista tweak would just remove the option of adaptive suspension on individual mode configuration.


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Kw do a cancellation kit, I think it’s some sort of resistor that plugs in and tricks the control module into thinking the active suspension is still fitted. I think I may have seen that someone else had released a similar product but can’t think who it was


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Maybe it’s like when you fit brake pads without wear sensors to a car which normally has them, and just put a bit of wire to join the connector pins.... although I’d have thought slightly more complicated!

Zig M

The old school way would be to wire in a resistor (I think). Similar thing when I had my WV Mk4 R32 when you wire a resistor into wiring in the boot when you do the flapper mod.


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If you have VCDS you can try this. Turn off suspension electronics in the gateway installation list and pull the fuse for the module (in the boot). There could be other coding dependencies but that depends on the spec of your car. A further scan would confirm this. For example drive select (if you have it) would be coded for suspension electronics.
Let us know how you get on.