Removing Wing Mirror Glass


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Anyone got any good tricks or methods (tried & tested) that i can use. Wanna change my mirror housings but scared of breaking the glass, especially at £70 a pop.

Help most appreciated, thanks in advance!


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Ive tride once and cracked the glass.

Ive been told/found out since that if you heat it up with a hair dryer it makes it slightly bendy and less likely to crack.


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look under the casing and you'll see two small phillips screws - un-screw them and unclip the lower section of casing off (use a taped small flat head as it helps to prevent sratched and marks)

the mirror is held on to the backing plat with a circular clip - you'll only be able to see the catches from this side

flick them back through the hole and disconnect the cable - job's a good'un

Issac Hunt

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I popped mine out when I upgraded to auto-dimming mirrors. I found that by electrically moving the mirror down as far as it will go, this gives enough room to squeeze your fingers behind it. Neither of mine broke when I removed them.
As Phantom suggests. Yes the hair dryer method works. I did mine on my old sportback from Black to Chrome and back again when traded in.

Do the 2 screws as well allows for a bit more play after heating the mirror. It will be easier to release from its fitment, then the 2 wires for the heated mirror and its OFF.

No problem