replace wing mirrors


jamo s3
hi all, i was hoping to fit my wing mirrors myself and was wondering if anyone could help me out as to where the screws are on the door panal i,ve found one at the bottom of the door in the centre, but thats me stuck now as to where there hiden, thanks


jamo s3
anyone please help, i would like to get my car back on the road today thanks it,s an 07 s3 with no mirrors on yet

Gti Jazz Blue

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The piano black or alloy trim needs to come off to locate the others, it unclips, just start at one and and carefully lever it off. There are then 3 Tork screws behind there. You will need to disconnect the loom from the door module and un-hook and unclip the door puller cable.

For the loom there is a purple locking arm that you need to lever and it will push the plug out.



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do you mean the entire mirror or just the caps? I presume you are looking to swap your standard caps for the ones off the S3?


jamo s3
thanks gti will give it ago today, what im trying to do is replace my standard mirrors which were stolen with like for like (silver ones) and was struggling to find where the screws was. im only trying to save some money because the mirrors have set me back £460 with a discount through a friend, and when you look at them all they are is plastic coated in silver.