Replacement carpets (if only) for winter use


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Just had a set of carpets for BLUEY delivered from Autostyle (

My main reason for purchase was have an alternative set of carpets in the car if only to maintain the condition of the original Audi carpets thorough our wet winter period; however, these in my view are of a better quality than the Audi originals, much better, and a PERFECT fit.

Now I already know that Veneeringman said his 'Diplomat' ones from Autostyle were better than the Audi originals so I checked and sent for samples of both the £60 'Diplomat' and £30 'Premier'. I could see but couldn't agree to the £30 difference so ordered all four front and rear carpets in 'Premier' for £30.

Had a 'Premier' set for the TT too, another £30, and again superb quality, and a PERFECT fit.

A double 'Premier' boot carpet (same as the optional one in the back of my RS3) for the TT; ok at £60 (2 x £30) it's a tad expensive but it'll provide a fair bit of sound insulation as there's a fair bit of road noise coming from the boot of a TT roadster.

Good stuff from these guys for anyone wanting replacement carpet at a reasonable cost.



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Look good.
I used the genuine Audi rubber mats throughout the last winter and they were excellent to be honest, hung on to them for my RS3 this year.