Reset electric load cover avant


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Hi all, got a problem with my electric retractable load cover since the battery had been disconnected. Hoping someone wise may be able to help!

When I now open the electric boot, the load cover only moves up the tracks about 6 inches. It fully closes when shutting the boot. It’s really bugging me

Does anyone know how to fix this? I’m guessing it needs some kind of reset or calibration so it knows where the top is?



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Ah ok. I did give it a fairly firm push but no signs of wanting to move anywhere and of course didn’t want to break it!

I had partial success earlier (looking like an idiot standing in the freezing cold keep opening and closing my boot ) with the cover removed I managed to get it to go all the way up (watching the lugs the cover sits in) but then as soon as I closed/opened it stayed down the bottom again

I’ll keep trying…


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You need a local VCDS user to lend a hand.
I have a local guru.