Retro Fitting a Multi Function Steering Wheel


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What parts are needed to retro fit a multi function wheel ? Obviously a Multi function wheel :) anything else ?

I think there's a control module that's also required and possibly a slightly different wiring loom; e-mail Gareth at HazzyDayz (Home - Vw & Audi Sat Nav, Bluetooth , TV Tuners, Cruise Control Installations UK) and ask him how much for parts "and labour" to retro-fit the steering wheel if you just have the steering wheel + airbag and then query him on what other parts he thinks are needed.

I assume you saw my eBay LINK? (just one I found, nowt to actually do with me!)


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Thanks for the reply mate..I've had one sat in the garage for a while now..the missus wants me to fit it or get shot :) so thought I should look at getting it fitted :)
ah, ok... still - try to pick Gareth's brains - he's been really helpful to me, and yes, he was pretty helpful and informative to start with before I started spending money with him: and if you're nervous about doing any of it yourself, you can always get his guys to fit it.

I started off planning to do it all myself and it's not THAT complex provided you don't skip one of the steps to disable the airbag (and remember to re-enable it afterwards), but bottled it and got the professionals to do it.