Retrofit sline bumper on a non sline audi b8.5


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Hi guys

I want to know if is possible to buy an original sline bumper from an audi b8.5 and install on a audi b8.5 non sline.
Is there any changes we need to do or is just replace one from another?
Are the foglights the same?
Are the fixings the same?
Did everyone ever done it?

I did a lot of research and couldn't.t find nothing for audi b8.5 .
Any help?



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I did it and it was a straight swap...

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Hi, I wanted to change the front bumper not the rear one but thanks for the reply.
Did you replace the front one also? Do you know if it is a straight swap?



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just un update to someone that may have the same question i had. To install the sline bumper on a audi a4 b8.5 you just need to buy the bumper with lower fog light grills and the fog headlights. assembly is exactly the same as the normal bumper.