Revenge of the RS3!!!!!


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I lapped two MTM big turbo S3s in only 11 minutes (about 11.3 laps!) of mallory park in March. That's in a jabba chipped K03 mk4 golf 1.8T.
They really are not very quick at all, in fact, with all the "MTM Big Turbo" stickers on them, it was a bit emabarrassing I thought!
Not that fast down the straights and both were barge like in the turns!

Just dont see the point of spending all that cash when a simple chipped mk4 golf will mince them up proper! your telling me that your front wheel drive 1.8T (fettled with) car will out do an S3 Quattro Tuned by MTM, and.....................................then you woke up!

The turbo's don't even compare with the amount of air they are able to push.

I think you have more balls than the other S3 drivers mate, hence you overtaking them. They obviously don't wanna wrap their lovely cars around some tires or barriers. Whereas you probably wouldn't care!