Rough low rev (not idle)


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Hi all,
Checked few forums couldn't find anything on this.

Only happens when car is traveling up hill or maintaining speed on flat road, Doesn't happen when going down hill.(when there is absolute no load on engine)
Happens when cruise control is on or off.
Happens through all gears.
Stops when revs go over 1800-1900rpm

Engine is 2.0 BRE Auto Gearbox.
I'm told by last mans garage (timing done, oil pump hex taken care of, new turbo (under warranty), gearbox rebuilt year back.)

Any ideas, Have a video of what happens, Can be highly annoying when on dual carriageway and its constantly jumping.
Heres a video I toke


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he see my thread I've started might be the same issue as me with the camshaft sensor