RS 6 with Silver wheels?

RS6 2.jpeg

Now we all know that wheels really help define a car. And over the last week or so I keep getting drawn back to looking at this RS6 for sale at Romans International for one reason (no not that it's an RS 6 for a change) - it's the wheels. Don't get me wrong packing nearly 600BHP if you're in the mood no is going to catch more than a flash of those wheels. But I just can't decide whether it's hot, or not.

Let us know what you think.

While it's still there check it out here -

RS6 1.jpeg
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Need to be a bit darker for me, the RS6 is all about being subtle with pure raw power if and when needed, and if I was in the market - I would be asking why they had either been changed or all 4 had had to be refurbed, city car ? curb rash ?? is the steering and tracking straight, no they need to be standard. just my 2 penneth..........
They are 22” optional extra rims - yours for £2k. RS6 is my dream car but not keen on either the standard or optional alloy offerings. Def need to be darker and on that basis i wont be buying one:congratulatory:

sure I’ve seen was a previous version of these that had some gloss back elements on them which looked great imho
Need something a bit darker for the RS6. It’s not your average everyday car. It has a lot of power and needs some appropriate wheels
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dark and light - it's a tough one. dark is modern lighter is more old school. It looks awesome on those as they stand.. it's nice to contrast the metallic grey
I'm a sucker for bright silver wheels so they look the dogs ******** to me! Bit more a sleeper look (if the new RS6 can ever look like a sleeper with those wheel arches) which I like.
Silver wheels are growing on me, been used to having black Gloss or Matt. But Silver looks good just not the design