Sportback RS3 - 2018 - Mode selection and exhaust issue


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Hi guys, as far I'm able to read at forum many people have the cold start issue with banging exhaust (I have that too) but I noticed something different and want to see what you know about it.
I'm always in dynamic mode and almost all the time drive with sports gearbox (just love the sound :rock:). Today I was driving as usual to do some shopping but the car was definitely much quieter than always, so I stopped to do some revs and investigate. After I changed mode to comfort and then back to dynamic I heard immediately a huge difference (flaps opened). Does your cars have same issue that while being started in dynamic the car drives like in comfort and requires resetting the mode?

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2022 Kemora grey LE Sportback
Every time you turn the car off and restart by default it goes back to comfort although it will still say the last mode you turned it off in. This is due to emissions for starting that Audi program it to start every time in comfort. It’s absolutely normal and nothing you can do to change this. Just need to push the button a few times to cycle back through to dynamic


I didn’t have the rattle again this morning
On warmer mornings (10-12c) it is quiet.

Steff s3

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The most annoying thing about the car IMO. Or is it the squealing, rusting brakes...
No squealing or rusting here Doc :thumbs up: 41ED495D-7AE3-4FE8-B123-D3CD2E3C3D0B.jpeg 1839159E-7110-40FD-B0E6-A411FBCB76D8.jpeg