RS3 8Y servicing


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Hi guys, just wondering if anyone who's taken delivery is willing to share the service requirements and intervals for their car. My S3 needs a haldex every 3 years for example, does the new diff and coupling require something similar? I'm interested to know. Regards, Josh.


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This the additional service work listed in MyAudi for mine.

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Spark plugs every 40k miles or every 6 years!



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I'm not not sure how the new system compares to the old, but I'll definitely be getting the rear diff/haldex or whatever its called now serviced early. After 13k miles on my S3 it was very gunky.


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Hadn’t even looked at mine yet. This is a useful reminder though

I was wondering whether there might have been a running in service but nope… I am tempted to do an oil change at 1k miles though.


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I’ll definitely be doing 1k oil and filter
i did that on my 8v. Would always do it. Dont know what rubbish got into the engine during the manufacturing process and what other rubbish is in there are running in