RS3 Dyno Power on Wheels


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Hi I'm new to the forum. I have a Red RS3 with the Alu Pack. I took my car to a Audi Club Dyno Day and got 239kw and 471nm. It was a very cold day +- 3 deg outside.
Not bad for a stock RS3 with 95 fuel and NF Octane mix.
I then went to another Dyno to see if maybe the Dyno over read. The result were a bit down but considering that it was 22 deg outside I got 222kw on the wheels and 436nm .
This is the strongest standard RS3 in SA that I know of. Both these Dyno's have had other RS3 on and have got a max of 203kw.
have any of you Guys put their RS3 on wheel kw Dyno .
i live in S.A. In the Johannesburg area