RS3 Exhaust 'stuff'


Ive picked up on a few people saying that the exhaust tips are 'fake' and indeed they are no longer connected to the rear silencer, but there again that is exactly the same as on Audi's flagship R8 models from 2008 onwards :) It allows closer and more accurate fitment of the tail pipes to the rear bumper :)

The valves in the Sport exhaust are also now constantly variable and not either open or closed (JFI an R8 has them open at idle, they close at 1500rpm and reopen at 4500rpm or full throttle) A company called Kufatec supply a system (for other models) that is controlled by your phone, either Open/Closed/Auto here :
No RS3 8Y fitment yet but I imagine in time it will follow


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I’ve recently seen pcw offer some sort of exhaust mod or something for the rs3 but can’t find any info for it…

Ie what they do and what it would cost?