RS3 is go?


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It's from 2006. According to the date just below the pick. As far as I'm aware there isn't likely to be one until they bring out the next generation A3.


hud at ye bam


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OMG Chris nice find.....

That is *stunning* shame i'll never be able to afford a brand new one.


Ash B

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Dont think that be the RS3 as it doesn't even look as good as the pre-facelift and facelift model. Let alone as aggressive as the front of the S3 look. Just looks like a A3 which had a few mods!
And the red audi an 2006-2008 pre facelift S3 can tell by the alloys and just looks like the painted the lower part black instead of the standard colour. Love to see the rs3 but as already said wont hear nothing till next year when the new a3/s3 model is out
And as Mr G said i couldnt afford one brand new either:banghead: lol
So i'd be jealous :)


waiting, waiting, waiting
Me likey. :yahoo:


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thats not an rs3 - its some dudes modified A3 ! lolll

And im sure that red one is just an S3 or it would have had 19s to get thse massive rs brakes under!

but rs3 looks good :D Should be awesome if its made!