RS3 meet Sunday March 17th........

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ha ha ha ha........ that could run into the hundreds, thanks for the post:laugh:


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Weather's turned....... Beady, beady bare bum


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Hi all, we went for a blast round some local roads, similar to those we might use tomorrow, this afternoon and saw this Aston being recovered from an expensive looking ditch. I think it's a good reminder to have fun tomorrow but stay within sensible road limits too. I for one want everyone to stay on the black stuff and go home smiling - keep any antics for the go karts.

We stopped to make sure the guys were ok, they were, you can just see the 911 he'd been out playing with in the mirror. It seems a poor road repair on the corner caused the Aston to enter the undergrowth. The roads here today were wet and often slimy with gunk, the white lines are also still slippery. There is a lot of snow on the sides of the roads but none on the road surface. There are plenty of good opportunities to enjoy the cars so just pick your moments and lets all stay safe and enjoy!

The mrs said I shouldn't take a picture but I did anyway!

The driver had a sense of humour about it said it was "a spot of poor parking"


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"White one, checking in"


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Listen man, if fifteen RS3's turn up I want fifteen RS3's going back in the same nick.........good post MBK, worth reminding everyone. Enjoy, drive safe, drive well....... and get an early night:lazy:


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Okay tomorrow I will be travelling the A5 to our designated meeting point. Anyone coming up or across country who wants to tag on let me know.

Cheers Chops...:salute:


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Leaving at 7am from Berkshire and planning a refill at the Shell station somewhere after the M54. Should be there around 10am...


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Okay there are several Shell Stations just off the M54 in Telford Steph, avoid the M54 services which is Shell but expensive.


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Drove this evening.. perma rain...

It is quite greasy in places, but some lovely roads, just got here... wherever here is... stopped 5 minutes away... photo.jpg fog rolling in over the hill tops,

Drive safely

What is the collective noun for RS3, a gaggle, pod, shoal?

WHy I bothered cleaning her, lord knows... grimy once again!

Got here later than hoped, thanks to the muppets who swapped my wheels over... told them about the 235s at the front.... got home and about to get cleaning and I thought the backs looked a little tight in the arches... 235 on the rear 225s on the front... grrr

So drove back and asked them to swap them, they left the locking nut in the box for the winter wheels... which was now in my garage... 2 hours later problem resolved!

Normally they're very good.

ONly dove one the 19" for a week in December when I got the car, forgotten how much stiffer it feels, continentals not my favourite tyres... will live with them this summer and get another 5-6k miles out of them and put something better on next spring...

Well here now anyway.

A demain!


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Robbie you on your way yet? You didn't say you'd been here before! It seems ewe are well known in these parts. We couldn't help notice that a lot of these little ones running round the place bear a remarkable resemblance to you, they are also slightly off white which just adds to the suspicion!

Uh oh Robbies been to Wales for a jump again!


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I'll perhaps give it a QD but tbh its still clean enough, Its going to get filthy on the way down anyway.


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There is a jet wash at the Texaco garage just before the meet point if you want to blast the worst of the dirt off.
The new venue could be the jet wash!


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I 've just done mine, a quick wipe with a damp cloth and then a bit of buffing up .She has never looked so clean.


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We're just packing things up and then off to meet Wickedsteph at the Shell Garage in Ketley, Telford for 9:45 then back on the M54 and up the A5. See you all a wee bit later...:thumbsup:


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Robbie firstly thank you for organising a superb meet. Great to meet you too, love your sense of humour so thanks for all the chuckles today!

Mr & Mrs Freeze and Klauster thanks for the social last night in the bar, that was great conversation and a lot of fun. Made the event even better for us we appreciate your good company.

Rest of the gang, fab to meet you all, put faces to names & share stories.

GYG Karting what a spectacular little track run by just the best Motorsport obsessed family. We could not have been made more welcome, nothing was too much trouble.

Quote of the day has to go to Robbie though. When we arrived at GYG there was a collection of various other performance cars. As they returned to their cars we were lining up the RS3's for the group photo. An Evo barked to life with some big revs.

"Yeah, look what you could have won, ya muppets", Robbiemac. Couldn't put it better myself the Really Special 3 is something else.


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Bluey has returned safely, unintended fast run back; just couldn't be helped (he says?).

From initial report it's been a FANTASTIC day; Bluey says great weather, great people, great roads, great cars, fabulous noise, yeah! Magic!!

Can't wait to see the pictures and the movie.

Bluey now due for a bath. :kissmyrings: P.s. 45bvtc says "one of his BEST days ever"! :salute:


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Cheers boys and girls and babies......! The whole RS3 family.......

Echo MBK thanks and comments, great day.......

Met at Ruthin Castle then a blast down the B5105 to GYG Karting.......

On the track......start finish line...... Felt fantastic and as John pointed out each RS3 was slightly different from the next one......

Weather was seasonal to say the least........ 4-Wheel drifting makes me nervous ha ha ha ha......

Just a little taster of some of the pictures and videos captured today.......
big thanks to everyone who attended
safe journeys home

just a couple more...... cars cooling down........
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