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Just got back from Audi-Bolton, had to tick the final boxes and sign for my RS3.
the salesman showed me the following example in the forecourt which he's already sold.

RS3 2012
Daytona Grey
Bucket seats
Black Aluminium pack
4000miles on the clock

£41,000.00 sold

He said they've allocated the final RS3's and then there where none...... :bye:

Mine arrives in U.K on Thursday, c'mon...... :yahoo:

Thanks Santa


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mmmmm.... Do I detect disappointment, please tell me you're happy with you're RS3.


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Hi Robbie...I saw your car on Sunday at Audi, looked very dirty! lol

Was looking at a new A1 for the missus and showed her the bucket seats that I wish mine had! :search:

Enjoy your motor!...but don't drive it home via Castle St lol


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Dang!....I got it now, yours was not the grey one lol!

:salute: yes mate, that RS3 is still filthy....... had a sit in it, it's got to that desperate stage
that I'm now sitting in other people's Audi RS3's....... mine arrives in U.K today, it's anyone's
guess how long it then takes from the docks, delivery, clean + prep before I get it it.

Taking bets:

. U.K landed 22/11/12
. Drive away 01/12/12

November is the longest month ever..... sound like my kids :lmfao:


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Where are the docks?, that will have a big outcome of when you get it....thought you'd be at the docks today!?! :whistle2:


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ha ha ha ha lmfao.......... :haha: I think it's Grimsby docks....... fek it, I'm off to