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Hey guys,

Just bought an RS3 and its come up on the dash it needs a service.

Car has done 54k and is on long life servicing.

Now i have spoke to Manchester, Stoke, Stafford and Stockport Audi as i am based around Manchester.

Cheapest i can get the service for is £449 (at stafford/stoke/stockport) or i could get it done at Awesome GTI for £431.

My car doesnt have any warranty left unfortunately , So where should i take it?


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Hopefully someone in your neck of the woods will give you a good independent recommendation. I would hope you would get a better price. This rehashes something I said in another thread recently, but hopefully it is of use, so folks wont mind the repetition.

Be clear on what is included in each service. Even more useful would be the cost of the major items. E.g. the oil which you could easily provide yourself from ebay <£25
Audi would likely charge more than twice the price for oil. We have a 2.0TFSI 61 plate TT. Looking through the previous owners service then the oil for that service in 2013 was £59!

Confirm whether the Audi quote includes spark plugs. Awesomes might do, Audi's probably wont. Don't assume the full price service from audi will include the cost of spark plugs. I was told in the past from a dealer when given a full service price that the price did not include plugs being changed as they only were to change them if needed/necessary - which is the lingo being used here for instance.
When I mentioned the above in another thread then the folks getting quotes from Audi excluded Spark Plugs also.

I had my car serviced last month at my preferred Audi specialist in East Yorkshire. They were happy for me to provide my own oil (the same they would use) and spark plugs (bought from the parts request process here). Which helped me save a few quid with minimal effort.


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I was a Stafford Audi user when my RS3 was under warranty and while I like Stafford Audi and all their guys very much I found the car always missing something, screw fasteners in particular, post service. I also have an Audi A2 with FULL Stafford Audi service but I'll not bore you with the rectifications done since in my ownership. Also have a TT, again Stafford Audi service and to their credit they've always done a good service.

But I now take ALL three locally to someone I trust (ok, I still do a lot myself) and respectfully suggest you do the same.

That said; if this is your first service an Audi dealer would be able to tell you if ALL of the upgrades have been done - not sure a non-franchised dealer could do that.


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I think i would go to a specialist like Awesome GTI with my RS4 if they were the best near me.


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what sort of updates do you mean ?

Update codes for the 8P RS3: they may not ALL apply to your car but for sure some will so best get an Audi dealer to check the 'updates' applied to your car:

39E1: Haldex

20T9: Fuel Pump

SVM01A098: ECU

SVM02A039: ECU

661G: Offside inner wheel duct

46F8: Offside front brake duct

4716: Brake caliper, brake pads and brake discs

48J6: Steering

TPI2029738: Code change for the rear license plate illumination, rear wipe, etc

2029184/1: Passenger sport seat - which has been reported as noisy (rattles)

There's a Radio/Nav update but I do not know the 'update code'