RS3 Volume(!)


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It seems most on here are big fans of the brutish noise that the sports exhaust makes (me too!). However, I was just wondering...

Whilst it's not quite the same, I also like the sound of my S1 in dynamic mode, but sometimes it's not wanted when it's midnight and I'm on a long motorway drive etc. At that sort of time, even in the economy setting, the S1 is quite a loud car (wind noise, tyre roar etc.) and is relatively tiring on a long drive.

This is compared to hire cars I've had e.g. 1.6 Golfs, BMW 118i/d and the like - which nowadays are basically silent at 80mph.

So my question is whether the loudness in the S1 is a result of it being based on a small A1, or whether this is a 'thing' with S/RS models... and will the RS3 with dynamic pack genuinely be able to turn into a comfortable, quiet long-distance cruiser when you want it to?


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It's a small car + low profile tyre syndrome. The RS3 will be better as it's a bigger platform, and the 8V platform is more refined/better sound insulated than the 8X as well being more modern.


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Yeah fair enough - I wonder whether the same would be true of a TT-S/RS as, though it's the most modern platform etc., you're that much lower to the ground...