RS4 Front Honeycomb Grille B8.5 with Parking Sensors


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Hi All

Does anyone know if its possible to fit a RS4 style honeycomb grille to the front of my B8.5 a4 thats fitted with parking sensors?

Ive had a look at a few and they all have no provisions for the front parking sensors or number plate in the centre of the grille which I want to keep, as not a fan of the no plate on the front look.

Also, it is preferred if the outer trim is gloss black to match my black edition spec.

Is it possible to get a grille like this?



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What's the fit like with it being after market? Had after market parts before and can tell the overall quality isn't anywhere near as good as OEM


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I've retrofitted aftermarket RS style grills with pdc onto S5's etc, it can be done, I actually did away with the supplied grill plate plinth & created a better one with a floating plate look, it looked great flush to the grill & the sensors fitted & worked 100%.

If you were looking for a supply/fit solution, give me a shout.


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Read my B8 RS4 fitting guide sticky. Someone's posted the slight difference for fitting the B8.5 Grille.