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Hi guys,
I'm totally new to Audi's having just bought a 2014 B8 RS4.
I'm trying to find a decent source for parts for when the time comes but any of the sites I'm landing on have a really limited range of parts for the RS4.
Where do you guys shop or is it best to stick with the main dealer?

I'm talking mostly about service items, shocks, brakes, suspension parts etc.

Many thanks.


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michael A

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Thanks @Sandra @RSTomax we can supply genuine VAG posted throughout the UK.

Drop me a pm whenever you need anything and we will sort something out for you.

You able to provide the undercar plastic tray with all screws. Mine dropped off long time ago now, I tried to get from LLL parts but they refunded me after been unable to deliver. No rush tie wraps working fine but does need sorting.