Rs4 rep alloys

kevin wilson

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Hi folk,
Am new on looking for some advice on fitting my rs4 rep alloys.the centre bore is 57.1mm and my hub is 66.56.soul it be possible to fit a 15mm adaptor at make my alloys fit my alloys have a offset of et35 and there 8.5j.


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Hi; welcome to the forum, Kevin. :)

I know it's possible to use spigot rings when the wheel centre is bigger than the hub. But I've no idea if there's an adapter for when it's the other way around. Hopefully someone will come along soon who does.

kevin wilson

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to be honest there standing me at £500 al in with refurb and new tyres.a don’t mind paying another £90 for hub adaptors if they would concerned about the width.a was hoping someone may shine a bit of light on have for a could push the wheels out without any problems.


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8.5 width with et 35 is quite a flush fit as it is, add a spacer in and you’ll be poking. Your only possible option would be to have them machined out to the right centre bore.

Have you checked the cost of a brand new set of reps in the right size with tyres from somewhere like wheelbase? There may not be much in it.