RS7 Rear Calliper Plate fitted to my A7


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Hi guys

I have managed to fit a RS Rear Caliper plate to an 2015 A7, was bit tricky but finally done.

anyone can get these plates from audi dealer cost around £ 30/plate
looks awesome,

Please comment if any suggestion



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Looks nice; but IMO it's trying to make the car 'appear' something it isn't with the RS logos. i.e. same as putting M badges / AMG badges on basic models.

People who don't know about cars couldn't care - but, people who do know about car's aren't usually 'impressed' with this kinda thing.


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depends on people and their choices.I have seen several cars fully transformed to an RS style, my idea is to cover the ugly looking rear callipers for A7. unfortunately the only option i had was to put a genuine RS plate. if thats gonna upset RS drivers i am least bothered. cheers


I for one like these sort of add ons! Look smart.


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Srikesh, could you tell me what you needed to do in order to fit the plates to the calipers. You mentioned that it was a bit tricky? Also, do you have the part number?