Run Battery Flat - ESP Fault


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Fitting lowering springs today and like a muppet left keys in the ignition with the radio on for too long. Went to start the car now and the battery is flat. Getting a warning message to say there's a fault with the ESP

Will the warning message disappear after I jump the car? Or is the fault code going to need to be cleared £££?


Thank you kindly, sir :)

It didn't go out initially, but after driving the car for just a few meters the ESP and Power Steering fault lights disappeared

This usually happens whenever the battery is disconnected. The ECU loses its sense of the steering's position - specifically its limits left and right. This causes the ESP to malfunction as it needs to know exactly where the wheels are pointing. Hence why the steering light and ESP fault are indicated. It can sometimes be cleared by turning the wheel lock to lock a few times. My mechanic told me to find a largeish car park and do several full lock turns left and right. It usually clears itself before I get there LOL:racer:


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I had to disconnect the battery a few times on my last car and basically half the electronic systems have a fit when you first start it again and take a few hundred yards of driving to sort themselves out again :)