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Hi everyone, I’m relatively new to this page
(first ever post)

I’ve viewed this Audi S3 8L 2002 Quattro with BAM engine

with 101k miles on the clock. And have fallen in love with it.

The car is mechanicly sound, it has full service history, the oil sump and rocker cover has been all cleared from oil sludge. New clutch and flywheel has been fitted last year. Timing belt, new silicone hoses all round. The only problem that really concerns me is rust in the roof rails, over the rear quarter both sides (rust worse on passenger side) I’ve attached some photos, my real question is, would it be something that could be repaired? And what would be the best way about doing it? It currently does not leak but I would imagine over time with being left it will.

Any replies much appreciated


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It is repairable sadly it’s a common issue on the 8l it’s a job for a body shop, strip it down fill it/repair and then repaint could get quite expensive as they will have to blend the paint aswell

RS3 S.

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That looks bad to me espically the L.H.D side !!!!. Could be an expensive repair & with the age of the car is it worth spending that much money on what is now an old car?.


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Hi guys, thanks for both of your replies, I’m going to go to my local body shop and see if they can give me a price to repair the damage before I make a offer on the car.
It’s such a shame as this is the only problem with the car as it makes me hesitant about buying it.

I already own a Audi A3 Quattro 1999 and it does not have this problem ‍♂️


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I had mine sorted in November along with front and rear bumpers painted and both rear quarters blended

not much change out of a grand and mine was nowhere near as bad as that one