S1 interior questions


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As we all know the cost of factory options can get out of hand! I have been struggling to decide if the S1 Interior package is worth the money.

1. Anyone regret or wished they got the S1 Interior package? Why?

2. Anyone who wouldn’t upgrade to the interior package even if they had the money?

3. I really like the look of the aluminium-effect air vent sleeves with red rings, do they reflect in the side mirrors? If so are they really annoying?

4. I’m in two minds with regards to the centre console and backrest covers, does anyone think they look terrible, good, etc? Do they grow on you?

5. Please correct if wrong, as far as I can tell the differences between the standard sports seats and the S Sport seats are:

a. Sports seats (standard), partial leather with cloth inserts, black with red stitching, 2 way lumbar support.

b. S Sport seats (with Interior Package) are essentially the same as the standard seats except they are covered entirely with napper leather, have 4 way lumbar support, comes in two different leather colours and three backrest covers/stitching colour choices.

Any comments welcome.

Ian Whiffen

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I didn't bother with the interior package. I just opted supersport seats with Nappa and yellow stitching and flat bottom wheel. It seemed a lot just for the minimal changes inside


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3-spoke leather S1 multi-function flat-bottomed steering wheel
Fine nappa leather with coloured backrest covers
Full leather package
Inlays, Aluminium Dimension
Super sports seats

The options above are what you get with the Quatrro interior pack. Looking back now not sure that I would opt for the interior Quattro Pack given that the the flat bottom steering wheel can be selected separately, however I think I would miss the full leather package, with that said I don't regret getting the interior package though. To be honest I think only you can make the decision.

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I personally absolutely love it. I got the red interior pack and, together with the exterior Quattro pack I think it sets it apart from an S-line A1. I also have the alu-vents - and I haven't experienced any annoying reflections. The first thing people comment on when they see the car tends to be the red seat-backs.

The interior Quattro pack disappeared off the configurator when the A1 facelift came through, and it would have been a deal-breaker for me (I was going to buy a Golf R instead). I just think it adds a level of special-ness!

It is, of course, all personal taste though - hence the choice - so just my thoughts.


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i know they are expensive but the s1 imo needs the quattro packs to make it what it is , without looks like just another a1
mine was a demo , without the extra s it has i would nt have even looked at it , as it is i love it