S2 Coupe Factory Paint Options....


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Thinking if joining the S2 crowd for some time now.
Back in the late 90s I was working in central London and came across an accident wherby an S2 coupe had a coming together with a pedestrian barrier.
I assisted the driver and thought back then what a lovely car it was.
In the ads there are the usual colours of red, White, blue, black and green.
What other colours were available, I seem to remember the one in the accident was either 'aubergine' purple or brown???
Many thanks.


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Take your pick :)

Laser red (LY3H)
Casablanca White (LY9G)Alpine white (L90E)Pearl white (L0A9)Gorse YellowCrystal Silver (LY7T)Ruby Red (LZ3N)Amazon Green (LZ6M)Grey Pearl EffectVolcano Black (LZ9U)Blue pearl Effect (LZ5T)Indigo Blue (LZ5U)Brilliant Black (LY9B)Ragusa Green (LY6P)Amethyst Pearl (LZ4V)Panther/Penthero Black (LY9Z)Cyclamen (LZ3T)Emerald Green (LZ6U)Grey Pearl Effect (LZ7N)Brilliant Blue (LY5K)Byzanz purple LY4N or LY4TCricket Green = LZ6NKingfisher Blue (correct name is Pelican Blue) = LY5TAqua Marine metallic = LY5SMelange Orange (more commonly known as Sunburst orange, also see below) = LY1TIsis Red metallic (sometimes called Magenta red) = LY3ZMaya Yellow = LY1ULiquid Blue metallic = LY5JAkojasilver metallic = LY7HCosmic yellow = LY1SRS Blue/Nogaro Blue (LZ5M)Polar Silver (LM7Y)Titan Grey (LY7P)Ming Blue Pearl (LZ5L)Brilliant Violet (LY4C 1992-93 Type: Solid)