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Started to remove the carpet

Airbag module & bracket needs to be removed before it will slide out

Carpet is out

So it would appear the car had a few leaks



Now the outer corner door seals are missing and new ones have been ordered and the inner ones are in a bad way so again new ones have been ordered. Other than the sunroof, which also waiting on a new seal. Should I be looking anywhere else for leaks. Or just sit in the car and get some with a hose pipe to spray the car and see what comes in?

So the underlay has gone a bit rotten in one area. Could I just use normal carpet underlay of a similar material or would I be best trying to find special Automotive underlay?

Carpet is ready to be cleaned

Will give it a good hover first then hit it with an array of cleaning products and machines.


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After a quick hover the carpet was hit with a chemical mixture of Vanish, vax carpet solution, dettol laundry & washing up liquid. Then scrubbing, pressure washing and a carpet cleaner it's come up nice and clean. Left it out in the sun and it has dried a little but will have to bring it in the house and get the heaters & dehumidifier on it. Mrs is not going to be happy.

Managed to find some wool underlay locally. As I going to be even further in the doghouse if that carpet has to spend days in the house while I wait for underlay. Looks the same sort of stuff to me just not as green!

Downside I had to buy 15m2 meters of the stuff
If anyone needs any underlay just let me know


Least now I can sort the underlay tomorrow and if the carpet dry's out then that can also be put back in the car. Which equals a happy wife for about 5 minutes!

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Very good work - almost there now :)
Have you got a picture of the wiring from under the fuse box area? On mine there are plenty of connectors (oem) just connected together and then wrapped around the main loom. Doesn't look very oem to me but can not see any bracket etc to house them.


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Very good work - almost there now :)
Have you got a picture of the wiring from under the fuse box area? On mine there are plenty of connectors (oem) just connected together and then wrapped around the main loom. Doesn't look very oem to me but can not see any bracket etc to house them.

I've also got a lot of lose connectors! Nothing like that on the A4 B5 of a similar age!
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Have to tape this one up as it's just going to rattle. It's also labelled airbag as well:wtf:
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Finished off the underlay and got the carpet in.

Built up the underlay to the same depth as the air vent


Refitted the carpet, but still found the single 10mm strip along the edge was not enough to stop the carpet from bowing if push down so added an extra 10mm strip

Refitted the carpets. car no longer has a horrible damp smell, and the carpet fits nicely along the edge, No more sagging, there is enough of that in my life


Started to clean up the interior trim

Used hot water mixed with dettol washing detergent, vanish and fairly liquid to clean the trim panels

Also replaced all the bulbs, as it's not a 2 minute job to replace them when they fail.

Found these on the harness as well no idea why they needed to extend the harness
anyway they have been removed and binned!


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Started to get more of the interior trim in the car before rain stopped play

The seats along with every other trim panel on the car has been thoroughly cleaned. Seats still need to go to a processional leather restorer, as the drivers side bolster is badly scuffed.

Also fixed one of the door card where the last person that removed them decided just prying them off was the best method of removal. Cut the ends off a couple of screws, heated them up and let them melt into the plastic. Refitted it the card and it held without any issue.


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Replacing the heater matrix is a job on my list. What to get it done before it springs a leak, as I know it will do at one point.


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Refitted the interior today. Gone is the mouldy smell and most of the dirt.


Carpets now fit under the side plastic trims and don't bow out

Was going to put some fuel in the car, but it was getting late so will do that in the morning, as if there was a leak would rather fix it when I have plenty of daylight.

Even got the wheel trims on

Sill loads of jobs to do on the car and I need to look at the alignment.


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Got the car started over the weekend for the first time in 11 weeks. Had a little leak from the stainless compression joints so just tightened them up a bit more and the problem was fixed. Thankfully it's the only fuel leak I found.

Got my new sunroof seal with my tradition order, so took apart the "good" sunroof that came with the car. However While I was trying to figure out how to remove the glass panel from the mechanism it became clear the rust free panel was anything but!

So this morning I spent 3 hours slowly removing the frame from the glass.

When the main frame was removed there was still another section of the frame to remove

Will try and remove all of the old glass adhesive with a toffee wheel

The frame I'm going to get basted and powder coated.

Once that's done then I'll see if I can get a glass company to glue the sections together or I'll do it myself. Thankfully there are some little tabs that hold the frame to the glass so alignment should be easy enough. So what was a simple job of fitting a new seal as turned it a bigger and far more costly job.

On a more positive note, I also got my new rear arb bushes so was able to complete the final suspension job.


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Did some basic alignment on the car, so that the rear & front wheels are all pointing in a similar direction to the opposite side. I've only got to drive it a couple of miles to get the the alignment place on the 25th and it's all 30mph roads, so should be good enough.

Found a wood working clamp holds the steering good enough

Then used my usual method to rest the wheels on which is 2 bits of plastic, one side being smooth and the other very rough and applied WD40 between the rough & smooth surface's. I found that to pieces of smooth plastic together with grease or WD40 causes the plastic to just about to stick together and you get very little movement between the two surfaces.

Tomorrow I need to look at the handbrake cable, as the one that is 50mm too long had the be on the side of the exhaust
So it a little to close for my liking. Will but some heat rap around the cable as a temporary measure until I place an order with tradition again at the end of the month.

Fixed a few issues on the to do list.

First was a smell of fuel in the car. Turns out when I was putting the sender cover back on the seal had folded into the tank on one side. took only a minute to correct the issue but about 20 minutes to strip the boot area.

Next up was the aerial, I was not getting any reception from the Sony radio that was in the car. It was also switching it's self on and off depending on how the wires were bent! So test fitted an old Audi head unit, switched it on and had perfect radio reception. So have junked the Sony unit and need to find a replacement Radio.

Fixed the cigarette lighter issue. Where the illumination bulb would be permanently on, and switch it self off when the lights get switched on. The cause of the fault was the two wires going to the cigarette lighter were the incorrect way around, so the body of the lighter was +12 rather than ground so swapped them over. Now the bulb only comes on with the headlights.


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Few further jobs of the list today.

Replaced the lower trims

Starting to look better.

Replaced the boot seal.

Easy enough to fit but was a little tight, also takes a little more force to close the boot but there in no more play.

Also got all the wheel arch liners fitted, and fitted the bonnet stops. These are from a Ford MK1 Escort, as the Audi versions are NLA so that means the car will now completely disintegrate due to rust!

Also got the front lower lights on for the first time in 5 months, I'll look to start painting the grill's later today/tomorrow

Finally I see light in what has been a very long rusty and bodged tunnel.


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Took the car out for a small drive this morning, tracking is all over the place as expected, but the car worked and drove without fault thankfully.

The lower trims were painted and put on the car this morning


Found I had some paint that I used on the A4 to restore some of it's trims so used this stuff



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Painted the sill's yesterday, my absolute pet hate is masking cars, but I know overspray get's absolutely everywhere so it was well covered.


After the spay job I was not that happy with the result, as the paint looked too glossy. Guess I was not giving the paint enough of a chance to cure.

Anyway after being left for 24 hours, it looks far better

Also had another play with the alignment. Steering wheel was way off centre when I took it out for a drive yesterday morning. After another hour or so of playing around this morning it's now near enough after another quick drive. Looking forward to Friday and getting it fully aligned.


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Sorted the lower rear bumper this week.

condition after a wash and then washed with thinners to remove years of various back to black products that will have been applied. It was also masked off including the underside as did not want overspray on the exhaust & heat shields.

Applied the plastic primer and the same paint I used on the sills and front plastic trims. Again it's a bit glossy at the moment as it's still wet but should look like the sill's once dried.


Front bumper to sort next but that has a couple of deep scratches so need to fix them and try and get a similar texture to the repair. Will also remove the bumper to fix that.


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Gave a car a wipe down and clayed it today. It's comes up well, but there is still a fair amount of crap on the paint work. Going to wet sand the car at some point and polish it up. That's the first time it's be cleaned since I got the car.

This is also the first time I have really driven the car where I feel it's all working as it should be. I got the car October 2nd and less than 3 weeks later it was in bits and off the road.

Now that it's cleaner the wing has a better colour match.




So off for alignment tomorrow, and the heat wrap for the manifold should also arrive tomorrow so once both are done I will be happier to drive the car around.


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Had the alignment done on Friday and it's OK! However they only really looked at the toe setting and never touch anything else. So won't be using them again! Anyway the values are not that faraway from the factory settings and I've booked in the Automark to have it done properly in 7 weeks time.

So with the alignment done ish! Lava Heat Wrap was wrapped around the manifold and I fitted the refurbished injectors. With those jobs done I called it an end to the car being off the road and started driving it for the first time in 5 months. So far I've done over 120 miles this weekend and the only fault I have with the car is one of the front ABS sensors is not working correctly, I get an intermittent fault code about speed discrepancy for one of the front wheels and low speed braking I can feel a slight ABS pulse on the brakes (Tyre pressures are 36PSI all wheels). So will look for 2 replacement sensors.

I did also have another issue which I fixed as the bodged Exhaust system was able to touch the prop over rough roads. So that was slightly modified so that no longer happens but it's going to be replaced as I'm not happy with the system.

Today was the longest run. Just over 50 miles. A trip out to the seaside with my daughter who thinks the car is far better than my old last A6 Avant.. She is right about the S2. It is far better
It puts a smile on my face. However I'm still a little on edge with the car as I keep looking for issues and looking & hearing for any problems, and wondering if I've made any mistakes with all the work I've done on the car. Think it's just a trust thing and I'm sure will improve over time, and once I get to know the car.

The other Issue I still have not been able to fix is getting the low speed fan to run if I press the AC button. My temps are fine it creeps just above 90 while idle in traffic and you can feel the fan kick in, so it's all working as it should. However I would like to fix this fault. Going to buy some replacement relays as I read that could be the issue.

I also need the aircon working in this car, so that's a job for next month as I'll step up my search for AC parts.

A job I have done over the weekend was to fit the new Radio. Found an new Pioneer unit on FB market place. I was looking around for this unit but it was out of stock everywhere. Also the FB seller was £60 cheaper than Halfords. It's a Pioneer DEH-S720DAB DEH-S720DAB - Car Receivers | Pioneer (pioneer-car.eu) Not what you call OEM looking but it's a nice unit which has dual BT, BT music streaming and DAB.

Only issue I had was mounting the DAB aerial, and I'm still not happy with the look of it. I was hoping you could mount the plastic box under the trim panel, but I could not get a good signal, you also need it to be grounded and it does not have a ground cable just a daft foil stick on strip (one that is black) what I had to make a plate as there is a rubber seal that goes all around the side window.

Once the upper B pillar trim is fitted you don't see that plate

Also had to make an extension cable, as the DAB aerial only comes with a 3 meter cable and is kind of designed to be mounted in the front window. That would do my nut in looking that that box every time I got in the car. Thankfully had some fakra parts and cable from my retrofit days so made a small extension up.

Still it's now in and working, just need to push it back in place once I fit the microphone as I ran out of time.

The big one tomorrow is the windscreen replacement, just hope they got the correct screen this time. Have to say I'm a little nervous! I got the lower trim piece but was not able to find the upper one so they are going to fit a generic trim part
I will ask if they can salvage the old one but almost sure they wont.


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Finally got all the parts sorted to rebuild the sunroof.

Spent the best part of 2-3 hours removing all of the old sealant. Not sure if that is 100% required but would rather have it as clean as possible


Found these blades best to remove the old sealant, used about 5 new blades in total.

Received the adhesive to glue the frame & panel together. I got two tubes of the adhesive just in case I muck things up.

Got the parts back from being blasted and powder coated.

Sunroof glass was bonded to the frame, it's not the nicest stuff to work with and it goes off quickly. Also I wish I have another 4 clamps. but hopefully I won't have to do it again unless the other roof can be repaired but I think it past saving. I'll take that one apart once that panel is back in the car.


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Been a while since I updated my thread and a good few jobs have been sorted.

I finally found a fix to the low speed fan issue not working with the AC button on the ABY. I was looking around on google images for ABY fuse boxes and it came up with lot's of images some were for B3 others for ABY but fuses and relays missing, found one that showed the delay relay & fuse fitted so figured I would give it a go.

Fitted relay for radiator fan delay and fuse number 20 for radiator fan 1st speed, radiator fan delay. Now have working 1st speed fan. No idea why someone removed this in the first place

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Another little job ticked off the list. Fix a couple of trim panels that had alloy corrosion.


Parts were shot blasted and the faces were sanded as the corrosion has caused some pitting.

Parts were then sprayed with a primer, black base coat, top coat and finally few coats of 2K clear.

They need a bit of polishing but unless the boot is open you will never see them

Colour match is also very good

Also fixed the bodge job the screen fitters left for me as they are still waiting on rivets, which is strange as I got them next day from TPS. So it appears they snapped the clips on the inner A pillar trim, rivets were missing and other not drilled out and stubs had been left in. Also found Torx head screws holding the black door frame trim in place rather than rivets. Took most a day to sort the mess out. I'm sure the other side in the same but ran out of rivets, so have ordered some more. So will inspect that next week. I really do hate other people working on my cars.
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found a very small coolant leak at the back of the engine. It was also clear the rocker cover gasket was starting to go as it there was a fair amount of oil at the back of the engine.

Before I tackled the above jobs I got on with the aircon system as I got some parts to get the system working again. So fitted a replacement compressor with replacement lower pipes that were free from holes.

So with that done I went off to get the system gassed. Which did not go well. First there was some confusion about how the system was filled as the low pressure side port is a screw thread rather than the push fit on the R134 systems. So went with just testing the system using the high pressure port. That found another sizable hole behind the protective on the pipe in the image below as you can see some of the green oil that was spat out.

So at this point I got a little fed up with the car so purchased a new toy to fix that sort of BS.

After a long talk with the guy's at r-tech I went with the digital version, as it does appear to be easier to setup.

So on with fixing the pipe. The hole first hole was easy enough to repair. Once done I noticed the nut at the end would turn but not move down so after a bit of a smack it moved and it presented me with this.

There was no way my welding skills could have fixed that so near to that lip, so the pipe was scrap!

Thankfully I was able to sort a replacement. It did have a small hole but was easy enough to fix even with my poor welding skills

So after cleaning up the area the hole was welded up. Not the best of jobs but OK for someone with about an hours worth of practice

At least now I should be able to fix and make some parts myself. Rather than standing in front of someone with a small job and them, sucking air through their teeth. It's almost like I've just dropped the titanic off for a quick welding job to get it up and running again!

Also purchased these adapters, got two types to see which would be the best fit. Turns out the L shape one is better as there not much room near the compressor. I was concerned the push fit connector would not fit with the straight adapter attached.

Next up on the list was the coolant leak. Looking through the old threads most users have talked about the union being damaged due to it being brittle. So I ordered replacement unions as they are cheap enough.

After draining the coolant system which feels like I've done it hundred time now, the union was removed. It looked to be in very good condition, no cracks or damage and had no signs of being brittle.

The o-ring however was in a poor state, that was starting to crack and was no longer round. So I refitted the old union with a new o-ring which I hope will resolve the minor coolant leak.

To give better access to the union I removed the heat shield that protects the brake reservoir. It was covered in rust and looked very scabby.

The rivets were drilled out and all the parts shot blasted.

The heat shield material was then painted with high temp paint and the steal parts with epoxy. While the Mrs was out I put the parts painted with the high temp paint in the over to cure
Once dry the shield was rebuilt.


Next up was the cam cover gasket. When it was removed it was on the hard/crusty side. However I was pleased with what I found when I removed the cover. It looks nice and clean in there.

Cam lobs also look in good condition, and the chain appeared to be tight enough.

Engine was then put back together and so far no leaks of oil or coolant. Which is nice. :thumbs up:


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Love the work mate, great and, keep it up.