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jimmer 22

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hi all. after selling my 8l s3 a month ago im lookin at getting an s2 (aby) and would like to know some common faults and things to look out for when buying 1. any info appreciated.

also just a heads up for anyone else looking for one. theres a green one been advertised on autotader for quite sometime. dont waste your time with it. i drove all the way from cornwall to wales to look at this (immaculate) example and it was the biggest dog iv ever seen. such a waste of a beautifull car. not suprised the owner of the garage wouldnt even meet me to look at the car. cheers


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If you go onto www.S2forum.com you will find all the links and info you require for buying a S2




There are a two for sale over on the S2forum that would fit the bill perfectly, I hope you've saved up your pennies :)