S2 Running Problem


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Hi Guys

Basically if I accelerate hard the car will start to boost then it will suddenly just cut everything to the extent you nearly smack your face on the steering wheel. After doing it the once it will just keep doing it no matter how hard or soft you accelerate.

I had the whole front of the car off the other day and found a split in the Michelin Man hose at the front which I replaced with a Samco hose. After putting it all back together the problem is still there. I also have noticed that the bolt on top of the wastegate is unwound quite far.

The last thing which I think is very much connected to the problem is when you are accelerating, before it shits its pants you can hear the air being sucked in(or pushed out) and when you change gear you can really hear the dump even though it just has a standard recirc valve.

Someone please help as it making me want to get rid of the car. It has done this since the day after I bought the ****** thing!

Oh yeh and its a 3B engine.




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Have you run vag.com to see what faults it shows?

HAve you done a output test as well with vag.com ?

Does the issue happen when hot and cold or just hot?

Your problem does sound like boost issue but need to get vag.com first to confirm
Things i would do if you dont have vag.com at hand :
Check earth for ECU which is situated on the inlet manifold closest to the bulk head 2 points

Double check the knock sensors that are located on the block under IM as well

Would not be concerned about wastegate as I take it the car run ok at some point and the wastegate operation is all mechanical


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i had exactly the same thing boost then cut off and be touchy after that then one day on my weekly drive up the country my car had no boost at all. once i stopped at house it would turn over not fire, i put vagcom on and it said crank sensor and overboostin, so i replaced the crank sensor put the new one on, 115 quid from audi there abouts, car wouldnt fire up but would crank but thatwas my fault as bending the crank sensor around i split a wire, so be carefull as they are mostly britle wires. so get ur s2 on vagcom see what it says, my guess is crank sensor as if thats playing up ur timing for air and fuel aint right so when u go for big boost it safe guards and shuts down so it wont blow up.... hope this helps and i done mine about 3 weeks ago so i do know. cos mine flys up the roadevery gear every rev its like sex but no nagging woman after

wish i looked at the date added lol:banghead: my apologise but usefull info for ppl so wont delete :readit:


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Had that same problem caused by split TIP hose.

Also found a slight judder after which came down to the cone filter. put back standard air box & panel filter & engine went back to being smooth as ever.