S3 8L vs S3 8P


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orange has bad start because he has som problems with his left leg. I was first but about 100 km/h he take me down.
I have some problems with clutch after this race. I do not know how old was my clutch but I think that I must buy new one.
It is OK if I start about 7000rpm? Or about how many rpm did you usualy start?
what type of clutch do you recomended to me? I am thinking about remap to 260hp in this year so I would like strong clutch.:sos:
Thank you
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7000rpm? Dont be stupid. 5000rpm tops but say goodbye to your clutch after a few of those.

Sachs is a popular upgrade.


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3k revs is enough to launch an 8L S3, need a bit of clutch slip, and when everything is hooked up, full throttle! :racer: