S3 8y booked in for work


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Well I picked my 8y S3 up on Saturday. I really don't like the chrome so I've booked it into the garage to have all the chrome changed to black.
I have also ordered a Milltek centre Res pipe for it.which is to be fitted in 2 weeks time.

What do you guys think?Do you think there the right mods to start it off?

Ideally I'm wanting to order a spoiler for it also but everywhere I look they say there for the 8v.Someome on eBay said the 8v spoiler will fit the car do.you know of this is correct?



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I know the front splitter from the previous gen fits. I would assume the spoiler would probably fit too as when I compared 8v vs 8y side by side, the boot lid was almost identical.
That is good to know do o can order a 8v front splitter and it would fit?
I mate have to just take the gamble with the rear spoiler unless anyone knows?


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How much have you been quoted for black trim adding? I’m tempted myself but haven;t really looked at it yet


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I'm getting window trim.
Front grill
wing mirror's
And all silver trims put black for 375. Are you local of so I will speak to him to see if we can get some sort of deal?


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Sorry Nate haven’t been on in a while it’s the same really mate.
I maybe selling the car this week a local garage is after it so if I can find something I like it’s there’s