S3 8Y Delivery day fault


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Okay so background, purchased a S3 Saloon on a PCH via a broker!
Delivery day, Friday all seemed okay apart from the vehicle in being less than a satisfactory clean condition as you’d like! Go for a 40 mile trip getting use to it, stop of in McDonald’s drive through idling/crawling pace for 5/10 mins! Dash all lights up, coolant to hot! Get to pay point visual steam coming from under the bonnet, massive pool of coolant on the floor! Park up open the bonnet coolant carries on escaping for the next 5/10 mins.
Audi road assistance (AA) comes out identifies problem as faulty reservoir cap recovers me home. Next day actual Audi assistant comes to the house to fix the problem, Identifies that it’s a fan fault and most likely never worked since leaving the factory!
Currently in for repair however consider my options for rejection under the CRA 2015. As IMO even if the fault is fixed unknown damage could of been done to the engine due to it overheating and this won’t be looked in too or fixed under warranty!
Has anyone had an similar problems? Or opinions on this, do you think this acceptable? Or gone through the process of rejecting a car?
Also does any know what the Elsapro report of
BM-3 PDI to long is?
I believe it’s basically when the cars been sat there for months that the battery becomes void under warranty and that any work that is undertaken/repalced has to be paid for by the supplying dealership as they’ve allowed the car to just sit there but wondered if anyone can confirm?


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That's shocking. This isn't just a case of a sticky door handle or faulty speaker it's a little more serious. Depending on how many miles have been driven without the engine being sufficiently cooled it could have caused irreparable damage that might not be obvious on initial inspection.

I've recently been through the rejection process and if you are going to do it, do it quickly and more importantly in the first 30 days after delivery. As a bare minimum they should take the car straight back, null and void the contract and refund you any monies paid allowing you to move on. The problem will come if it's your only mode of transport and to compound things the current wait times on new orders is 6 months plus and lease deals seem to be on the rise too.

However, go through your finance company and Audi UK immediately to register the rejection even if you ultimately decide not to.


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im really sorry but , i heard loads of storys this days car as mass think , so many times they leave factory faulty , my s3 has loads of trash in paint ,

if you look online people will say no way its happen , truth is my last 3 s3 has same problem :) and none of them was resprayed ,

if modern cars problem