S3 Airfilter


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Looking past the ' English Summer' and onto the wet winter period does anyone advise changing or doing anything to the air filter? I have a 67 s3 s tronic petrol which has only done 21k. Anyone came across any air filter problems?

Coming from a Ford Focus Petrol Hence my worrying.


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No problems at all with the OEM filter and it was still pretty clean after 30.000km.

If you want more induction sound you could change it to a Pipercross panel filter (and also modify the OEM intake: https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/modified-oem-intake-8v-s3.266915/).

Performance wise there is very little difference if any but the "woooosh" is more pronounced.

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I replaced mine with a pipercross panel filter. feels a bit more responsive although the filter which came out looks pretty dirty so that might be why.