S3 Bumper Removal - How too


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I never found a guide with photos for removing a bumper from an Audi S3 only ones with writing so I thought I would do one to help out. I am a novice and no mechanic; so please note I take no responsibility for your actions on your own car in using this guide.

1. Tools Used

Proskit 'T' Bar Screw Driver (Cheers HTC for the heads up on this baby) with T20 Torx Bit
Philips Screwdriver
Medium Flathead Screwdriver
Small Flathead Screwdriver
Small Nose Pliers
Small Screw
Box to support the bumper
Rug to rest the bumper on


2. Remove 5 x T20 Torx Screws from the wheel liner on both sides; 2 up the side and 3 at the base. The 3 at the base hold on the plastic 'mini mud guard'.

(The T Bar is awesome it is a two way ratchet so easy to use and small enough to mean you don't have to take of the wheel, billy bonus!!)


3. Next remove the two philips screws from underneath the bumper in the square recesses (I've highlighted one, there is another on the other side)



4. On top of the bumper are 4 x Black Plastic Round tabs; these are both lug and fixing. Stage 1 is removing the lug. The lugs are hollow with a small hole at the top the best way is inserting a small screw. This way you can screw into the lug and then pull it out - easy!


5. Stage 2 is then taking out the fixing part. Prise it up slighty using the flathead screwdriver and then use the pliers to pull it out.


6. The bumper is now ready to be removed. It is very bendy so don't worry about cracking it (just don't wrench it off woth no remorse). Start at the ends and pull it away to the side and then pull forward.


7. Once the bumper has come away you have 3 connections to undo. 2 are for the foglights (on both sides) and 1 is for the headlight washer fluid on the drivers side.

Carefully not to drop the bumper on the floor as you may pull the connections out - rest it on a box or bucket to support it.


8. To disconnect the washer fluid there is a small 'U' shaped black clip that you just need to pull up to free the connecting pipes - bear in mind that washer fluid comes out quick so raise the hose above the car to minimise loss and to stop covering you in fluid.




9. Excellent, now using the small screwdriver undo the clip on both the fog lights.


10. Nice work! All done. Rest the bumper on the rug and crack on with what you have to do. In my case it was to remove the drivers headlight to sort my hose and to fix my lower grille.


Well I hope that helps someone.

If anyone wants to add, amend or abuse please do so!

Oh and not trying to steal ruairi's thunder on bumper upgrades - just I had to do it to sort my grille out asap and thought why not take some photos!




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Nice little guide there matey :thumbsup:. I did this last weekend and could have done with a photo guide like this. I especially like the idea with the screw in the lugs. I pushed them through from the top myself, and found it a pain in the **** to locate a couple of them when they fell out into the engine bay!


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Nice little guide there matey :thumbsup:. I did this last weekend and could have done with a photo guide like this. I especially like the idea with the screw in the lugs. I pushed them through from the top myself, and found it a pain in the **** to locate a couple of them when they fell out into the engine bay!

yes I did the same and haven't a clue where they went,nice post


It's not f@cking ORANGE!!!!!
Top Thread!!!

Just about to use the info as some ****** in a transit van reversed into the front of my car on thursday and broke the lower grill!!!:banghead:


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Cool, glad it will be of use!!

Finger those are my new tools - what you saying?


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Think he was saying the screwdrivers look a bit cheap?!

I noticed that when you removed the foglight plugs you put the screwdriver into the lower hole of the two. The way those plugs work is you put a slightly larger screwdriver into the hole above and give it a twist. The plug will click and can then be slid it off. :icon_thumright:
Im saying you can`t beat good tools. Where did you get those from argos???? The tips don`t even look hardened


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Hahahah...funnily enough they ARE argos ones! I got a free 250 part tool chest with all the gubbings and they were the beauties in there.

For the fogs I thought they were a push through the hole as it seemed to work well; i'll try the top next time cheers.


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This should be made sticky... send private message to modirator to get to done. Thats what i did... im using it tonite to put S3 bumper onto my a3...


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Good guide!


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great guide,will be using this today as i have got to take mine off to fix headlight washer leak,Cheers


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For Marcus - take off the bumper guide


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Hey guys I thought this would be the best guide/ thread to ask.
WOuld i be able to fit a facelift bumper to a pre face lift model? many thanks guys :) great guide too :D


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Want to add I used this yesterday was brilliant BUT.....there was two more screws on mine one under the front bumper on each side face down to road inline with the centre of front tyres and aren't aftermarket as have preset moulds!

Great help this was though, brilliant!


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sorry to bring up an old thread but does anyone have this guide with the images somewhere? The images are not showing up.


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These are the kind of guide that gets forgotten, the simple to do once done kinda guides. Thanks for taking the time to do this!


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Thanks, will be using this guide tomorrow to investigate why my headlight washers aren't working.


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Great guide. Just a quick question guys, do you have to remove the front bumper in order to change the fog light bulbs or is there a quicker and easier way to remove them from the front lower grille section? When I had the front wheels off last week I thought I would try and access them from behind the inner wheel arch liner but found they are blocked by inter cooler etc. Any help greatly appreciated. Many thanks