S3 front bumper grilles - how much?


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I've seen an S3 front bumper in a breakers but it's missing the grilles. Does anyone know how much the meshed fog light grilles are from Audi, or if they can be sourced elsewhere?


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I have an new S3 grill in the garage if you are interested


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Thanks jasaudi but I'm after the fog light grilles, rather than the centre one.


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jasaudi said:
I have an new S3 grill in the garage if you are interested

How much do you want for it? Just in case I fancy a change!


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I paid £115 for it including the badge. Ideally would like £75 plus postage, as it is brand new



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I have just ordered a set form audi , i cannot find the receipt so they are not totally acurate

each grille has two peices a inner and a outer

the inner is £10.08 each
the outer is £17.40 each

the headlight washers covers are £8.08 each
and the towing eye cover is £10.80

I hope this helps ,


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i also need the part numbers for the above parts


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Right lads

S3 front bumper part numbers
I cannot confirm the exact price as i have lost the receipt, but the total was just over £95.

Passenger side
inner 8P0 807 151 A
outer 8P0 807 681 D

Drivers side
inner 8P0 807 152 A
outer 8P0 807 682 C

headlight washer covers

8P0 955 276
8P0 955 275

Towing eye cover

8P0 807 241 A

I currently have a 2007 S3 front bumper , with parts listed above included for sale

The bumper is second hand , and requires a respray and minior preperation

the parts listed above are brand new and sealed direct from Audi UK

If you are interested send me a private message