S3 Front Grille, how much?


I'm not sure how much they go for... seen them on eBay for just over £100

Are you after a Chrome Grill? I have one sat here doing nothing as I changed mine to an Optics Grill not long after getting the car.


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Pm sent..


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yeah i am but i am trying to find out if the S3 badge will come off so i can put the sline badge on it instead.


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Yeah the badge can be removed and the badge holder on the grille is the same as the badge holder on the non s3 grille as far as I could tell..


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I've been told the S3 grille is a slightly different shape. Still fits but leaves a small gap at the bottom.

Can anyone confirm?


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Turbo is the only way....
Just had the S3 bumper conversion done... You need the whole front including the bumper covers to make it fit. I have a feeling that the whole grille is now leaning lower and is more rakish compared to the original or the S line