S3 Hazard relay issue?


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One month into S3 ownership and the niggles are still coming!

Indicators work fine but when you lock/unlock the car the indicator flash is very weak/non existent sometimes and fine others, also when you try to use the hazard switch it flashes once and then shuts off.

I had a similar issue with my mk4 Golf a few year back and the relay was at fault so I am guessing its the same again?

Is there a guide to access the relay as I know if I go at the black trim I WILL snap tabs!

Thanks in advance, Alex


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Hi alex yes its a common problem, not sure about a guide, i think it just pulls out....


Had an 8L S3, a B5 RS4 now I have a B8 S4
I need to change mine too, but it's one of those things I've gotten used to it now lol (mine ticks randomly as if I were still indicating).

I was planning on taking the HeadUnit out and hoping there was something obvious to work from there (screws etc) to get the piano black trim off
For facelift models, take the headunit out and gently prise the large cover that sits over the hazard switch (it's not held in with screws or anything). That will give you access to the hazard switch which is clipped in place, release a few tabs and pull the switch out gently.

They did cost about £25 quid from the stealers. The switch has now been superceded by a newer version now.