S3 onto a3 , wings and bumper Q's


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hi I've got hold of s3 front wings and bumper that I'm about to put onto my a3 (8l),
I've had a read around (and apologies if this has already been answered) but what I need to know is can I use the a3 bumper support bar with the s3 bumper or will I need to source one from an s3?
Also same question but for the side supports(where it meets the wings)

My car is a 97 pre facelift but I'm also puttin in some facelift headlights at the same time, will anywhere need trimming back to accommodate my headlights or should it be straight forward due to having the s3 wings and bumper?

Thanks in advance


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you cant put s3 wings on a3 without some modification , Basicly you will need to cut both wings (from s3 and a3) if you wanna have S3 look on A3.