S3 Owners with H & R Anti-Roll Bars


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Right guy's and girl's
Im getting rather a lot of work carried out at the end of the week,
including the H&R bars and the haldex controller and switch,
From what I understand the roll bars have different settings,
What settings do you use or have tried to what effect?
The car is currently lowered on KW coils and will also be running stage 2+

On a previously owned 8L S3 I had R32 roll bars and an up rated haldex and really liked the way the car could be brought into 4 wheel drift when provoked but never felt like the back was going to over take the front,

Ideally looking to create the same with this car


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I run hard settings front and rear, with the H&R ARB's and coilovers and its very sure footed but can be provoked into a bit of oversteer when conditions allow


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Just what i was looking for,
I do believe the haldex will make quite a difference to this aswell


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I'm desperate to order my h&r anti-roll bars and monotube coilovers, I get the feeling this will be the most useful mod I'll do to the car.

How much are folk paying for the haldex controller last time I checked it was around £600?


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I have the the haldex remote but I have to laugh cuz after I ran in race mode, I never switched back. agree that the H&R front and back are a great addition. No more understeer and with the upgraded haldex, joy will be yours